Fake Sebastian


Protagonist/Main Role

Played by:

Amanda Bynes

Actual Identity:

Viola Hastings


Fake burnt umber brown wig, tanned skin, carolina blue eyes, red Illyria hoodie, dark blue long-sleeved t-shirt, Illyria uniform



Fake Sebastian is Viola Hastings identity when she goes to Illyria to pretend to be her brother, the actual Sebastian in the 2006 rom-com, She's the Man.


Fake Sebastian is the new quirky transfer student. Being Viola, he has a sensitive side and respects girls, which attract a lot to him, including Olivia. Fake Sebastian has an accent to disguise him from Viola' s voice. At the start of the movie him is treated unrespectfully from most of the jocks at Illyria because he is short, puny (compared to the muscleur jocks) a bit too sensitive to girls and smells really bad, until at Cesario's, where he dumps Monique in a hilarious way and has 2 girls (Viola 's best friends) flirting with him.


Illyria UniformEdit

Fake Sebastian wears a pale, sky blue shirt and a navy blue blazer with the Illyria emblem embroided on the left side of his blazer. He also wears a cardinal red tie with white stripes going diagonally. He wears a black skinny belt and khaki trousers.