Justin Drayton
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Blonde/Light Brown




Monique Valentine


Duke, Olivia, Andrew, Toby


Viola (ex-girlfriend), Monique (escorted at the debutante ball)


Playing soccer

Justin Drayton is Viola's ex-boyfriend of the 2006 American romantic-comedy movie, She's the Man. Justin Drayton is portrayed by Robert Hoffman.

In the MovieEdit

Initially, Justin and Viola Hastings are in a very happy loving relationship with both of them in their respective gender's soccer teams at Cornwall High. However when Viola's team is dropped and the girls try to have a go in the boys team, Justin refuses to support her. He tells her "end of discussion" to which Viola replies "Fine. End of relationship" effectively breaking up with him.

Later at the Junior Carnival, Justin tells Viola to get over the soccer thing and 'be a girl for five seconds'. Viola responds by verbally slamming him and then slapping him across the face. He later interrupts Viola and Duke Orsino's kiss at the kissing booth out of jealousy despite being Viola's ex. Duke reminds him of a time on the soccer pitch when he made him cry- something Justin denies- but tries to be the bigger man saying they'll settle their differences on the soccer pitch. Justin responds by punching him in the face and the three (Justin, Duke and Viola) get into a large fight.

At the Cornwall vs Illyria soccer match, Justin is shocked when "Sebastian" reveals himself to be Viola by showing her breasts (off-screen). He tries to humiliate Viola when she takes the penalty shot but she scores leaving him to cry on the ground.

He later escorts Monique Valentine (the Real Sebastian's ex girlfriend to the debutante ball.


Despite his strong appearence, Justin is a very sensitive, but soft guy and he is very serious when it comes to Sports. As seen in the begining of the movie, he seems to be very loving, although new to kissing and in-depth relationships. Even after Viola breaks up with Justin, he is still very attracted to her, therefore, tyring to get her heart back, but it doesn't work out well. However he's also a sexist jerk since he didn't support viola at all. 

Near the end of the movie, Justin ends up crying because he lost to Viola during the final soccer game.