Canadian award winning painter Mark Tompkins was the second unit lead painter of the American romantic sport-comedy film "She's The Man".[1]

Biography Edit

Born on January 16, 1975 in Vancouver, Mark's rich career includes involvement in many movies, ranging from feature films to Hollywood blockbusters. Although he was specialized in thrillers and horrors early in his career, later he expanded his focus to work on comedy films and drama, as well as Sci-Fi.

Tompkins is a proud Alumni of the Capilano University in Vancouver, all thanks to his stellar academic record and great artistic talents. He attributes most of his success to his Education, because all of the basics he needed for his career, he learned them from the University.[2]

Career Edit

Mark has been involved in many theater plays since his earliest college days. At the end of 1999 he moved to Staten Island, NY where he was recruited to work on "Lake Placid". Critics loved his work, so he got the chance to work on similar horror-related titles, among which the most famous is 2003 "Freddy vs. Jason".[3] Tompkins worked on many Sci-Fi titles later in his career, starting from the 2004 "I, Robot", to his latest work in 2013 "Elysium".[4] Last but not least, he was also engaged on the silver screen, working on many TV series ranging from the 90’s series "Borderline", to "Psych" the popular detective TV show on NBC.[5]

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