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Paul Antonio is Viola's, Kia 's and Yvonne 's best friend. Paul is portraid by Jonathan Sadowski.
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Paul talking to Viola


Paul is Viola's fabulous best friend. He is first seen in the hair salon where he works, when Viola requests him to turn her into a boy so that she would be able to attend Illyria and participate in the soccer team. Paul of course automatically agrees and proceeds to disguise her. He is next seen driving "Sebastian" to Illyria, when Viola suddenly doubts herself and argues with Paul. He argues back and manages to get her out of the car because he is an awesome friend. The next time he is seen is in the pizza parlor, helping "Sebastian" gain popularity by using Viola's friends to pretend to be "Sebastians" ex- girlfriends. This makes Sebastian seem more cool and gives him an irresistible quality. Paul is later seen at the carnival guarding the bouncy castle from Monique, whom is real Sebastian's girlfriend. He is seen again when he asks to take Viola to the debutante dinner. He is finally seen sitting arm-in-arm with Andrew at the debutante ball.


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Paul helping Viola to be a guy